Research is one of the Big-6 Teaching School areas. Teaching schools are expected to take a lead role in undertaking school-based research, to identify and share effective practice and new ideas for improving schools and the wider education system.

We are expected to be involved in research and development to:

  • show evidence of engagement in research and development which reflects agreed priorities, builds on existing external research/evidence, and contributes towards the alliance’s overall priorities.
  • ensure that new initiatives within the alliance are based on existing evidence and include a rigorous evaluative focus, drawing on external expertise.
  • demonstrate an ability to work with other Teaching Schools on research and development activities as part of regional or national networks where appropriate.
  • ensure that existing evidence can be accessed and used by staff and that appropriate staff have the time and support needed to undertake research and development activities.
  • effectively disseminate learning from research and development work across the alliance and the wider school system.

Research Staff

Nick McIvor is Research Co-ordinator within the school he encourages all members of staff to participate in such activities. He is currently piloting an approach to professional development known as ‘Lesson Study’ which has proved highly effective in Japan and several other high-attaining systems in the Far East. Forthcoming projects include an exploration of how techniques of improvisatory theatre can be used to improve questioning and classroom dialogue in Modern Foreign Languages and elsewhere in the curriculum.