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The Maths Hubs Programme: An Overview

The Maths Hubs programme for the first time brings together all Mathematics education professionals in a national network of hubs, each locally led by an outstanding school or college, and in partnership with neighbouring schools, colleges, universities, CPD providers, Maths experts and employers. This is a new way of harnessing all Maths teaching expertise within an area, to spread excellent practice even more widely, for the benefit of all pupils and students.

How many Maths Hubs are there?

Thirty-four Maths Hubs were created in the first wave, announced in July 2014.

Who do the hubs serve?

Each hub serves all schools and colleges, from nursery age to 19 year-olds in the broad geographical area it covers.

What does the hub itself consist of?

The hub consists of much more than just the lead school or college. It consists of the broad group of partner schools, colleges, and other institutions with a mathematics role or interest that the lead school assembles in a strategic leadership group. These institutions are likely to be spread geographically throughout the hub’s area.

How do teachers and schools get involved?

Individual teachers can register with the Maths Hubs programme and associate themselves with their ‘local’ hub, thereby gaining access to the online areas where they can contribute to projects and communicate with other teachers in their area. Get your name and school on our Maths Hub database by emailing us:

Area covered by this Maths Hub London Central and NW

The geographical area we aim to cover comprises of the London Boroughs of

  • Westminster
  • Camden
  • Islington
  • Brent (shared with Fox Primary Maths Hub London Central and West)
  • Harrow
  • Barnet
  • Ealing (shared with Fox Primary Maths Hub London Central and West)

Key Strategic Partners:

  • MEI – Mathematics in Education and Industry
  • Institute of Education
  • St. Dominic’s Sixth Form, Harrow
  • Camden Primary Partnership TSA
  • Angel Islington TSA

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Maths Hub Administrators Helen Hall & Martha Blackwell: