Maths Hub – Projects

Current Projects:

  • Delivering courses on transferable elements of findings from Shanghai Research project to school leaders and class teachers.
  • Developing subject knowledge for Primary staff.
  • Developing subject knowledge of GCSE and post-16.
  • Supporting schools deliver the new post-16 Core Maths Qualification.
  • An Aspiring SLE programme to ensure schools have access to good quality local Maths support to match their needs.
  • Targeted bursaries for action based research projects to deliver the needs of the Maths Hub.

National Collaborative Projects

  • England – China: a project, involving exchanges of teachers between schools in Maths Hub areas and schools in Shanghai, to explore the implementation, in English schools, of the mastery teaching approach.
  • Textbooks & Professional Development: a project involving primary schools using adapted versions of high quality textbooks currently used in Singapore, and backed up by professional development activities, as a means of supporting teachers to implement the mastery approach.
  • Post-16 participation: a project to increase the participation of post-16 students in advanced mathematics courses of various types, including A Level and Core Maths.

Local Projects

As well as work on the three above areas, Maths Hubs are pursuing projects addressing other programme priorities, the mix of which will differ from hub to hub.

Examples include:

  • Raising the level of mathematics subject knowledge among primary teachers
  • Improving the recruitment, and ongoing training, of high quality maths teachers
  • Supporting the development of subject leaders through collaborative working
  • Widening the access for all pupils to mathematics enrichment activities.

Engagement Events

A variety of local engagement events are organised by Maths Hubs, to explain their work and recruit participants in projects.